Second Chances

Matthew - San Leandro, California
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

I believe that everybody makes mistake and deserves a second chance. Whether it’s someone you care about or someone you don’t even know. Everybody deserves another chance in one way or another. I on the other hand, want to live my life with no regrets and in the best way possible. I’m not saying I’m perfect or anything but, as you get older you realize the mistakes you’ve made and learn from them.

People make mistakes all the time by saying the wrong thing or maybe even making the wrong move. I know I have a couple of times and avoided the problem instead of trying to fix it. I know now that the mistakes we make in life all have consequences that you have to deal with later down the line. So now I think things through before I deal with a problem.

I also believe that people do change if you give them a second chance. Some people change for the better and some don’t. I think that when you admit that you have done wrong it helps the situation that much better.

Therefore, I do believe in forgiveness and giving somebody another chance no matter what the situation may be.