The Reality of Truth

Kriesta - Winchester, Virginia
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe that “…the truth is the same no matter where it comes from”. Even in the worse of situations in life, you realize that there is some form of positive truth. When I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer many years ago, I believed that it was the worse event that could have happen to me as a young person. However, I took Cancer as an opportunity to be positive because there was always someone out there who had a worse diagnosis than me. Consequently, when I went to the Cancer Center for treatment, I used it as an opportunity to uplift the other cancer patients receiving treatment. The staff always commented that there was laughter and joy when I came for treatment something they were not use to hearing when patients visited the treatment center. In these moments, I realized that God had given me yet another chance to renew my life and that I had already overcame one of life’s worse events. Whatever life would present from this point would not be worse than overcoming Cancer.

During that time, I met with my physician and he mentioned that he was unclear why I had cancer. He also had commented that the Cancer was slow-growing and had been prevalent in my body for a long period of time. In his opinion, it seemed that a stressful event had triggered its presence. Then, he commented that whatever the causes that created the disease, I should remove them for my life: negative environment, toxic people, stressful job, etc. I took the advice seriously and began reengineering my life. From that day forward, I chose to live my life in a way that I focused on renewal instead of decline. I began to change my living environment, the people I interacted with, my work situation, and started creating a life of purpose, passion, and peace while focusing on the positive outcomes of life. Although for most people, cancer is a negative event, it brought a reality of truth to my life: that life can be an enjoyable event even under the worse situations. Thus, the truth is the same no matter where it comes from.