Getting Away

Elise - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Getting Away

I hear the annoying noise of my alarm going off at six am, but what lies ahead makes it all worth it! Packing up the car with all of my families belongings, making sure I have my pillow in hand. Finally the time has come. The car starts to reach the highway, rolling down the windows ready for the adventure.

Travel is just one word but yet has so many meanings. You could take a road trip, cruise on the ocean, or fly across the world. There are so many different places you could see, and visit, including all the amazing cultures of each country . What ever your interests are there is always something that could work. Another great thing about traveling is that it frees you from your normal life. All your worries are left behind, and your family comes first. You spend the entire time relaxing and enjoying the differences from your home life.

It was the end of July in 2005, when I had the traveling experience of a lifetime. My family and my mom’s side were taking a vacation that was different from all my previous ones. We were taking an Alaskan Cruise. We would fly into Seattle, drive into Vancouver and board the ship on Sunday morning. The week of our vacation went by so fast filled with fun things to do everyday. One day we even got to go into the glacier area and see avalanches of glaciers crash into the water as they fell. My favorite part was when we got to stop in three different Alaskan cities. We went canoeing, took a boat tour to see the Alaskan wildlife, and saw all the different creatures of the ocean. When we were just sailing, we could go to the movie theater, play basketball, golf of the back of the boat, or just get unlimited free ice cream when ever we would like. This experience was different from all the rest and was by far the best.

With all the amazing opportunities in life all over the world, you can do what ever you wish for. People are free to go to any state or country they want and experience the different beliefs and cultures of others. This is why I believe in traveling!