Learn From the Kid with Ketchup on his Face

Jessica - Stephens City, Virginia
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever observed a child? I love children and studying them for the free-spirited creatures they are. The realization of the way kids live their life is very interesting in respect to adult lifestyles. I believe that adults should never fully grow up, and if they have, they should learn from the kids. The way the younger population lives their lives is to be envied and copied. With the hustle bustle world adults live in, the children appreciate the little things.

I have a one year old niece, Olivia, who constantly amazes me and always makes me laugh. I love her attitude to the simple life she leads. I understand a one year old girl’s life cannot be compared to the American adults, but aspects of Olivia’s life can be presented to the older generations. I love her passion for life. Olivia never wants to fall asleep due to the fact she does not want to miss a thing. Whenever she is awakened, she greets the intruder with a welcoming smile. Always eager to eat, Olivia never worries about her figure, and does not mind if she has food stuck in her teeth or a little sauce on her chin, chubby or not.

In comparison, an adult may become angry if something or someone is keeping them from their rest and if interrupted during the rest, would become outraged and avoid waking up if at all possible. When a meal time comes around, he or she may worry about every element of the meal. The meal would become too expensive, too much fat and cholesterol would be present to ruin their diet, and the garlic in their meal would leave a horrible stench to their breath. If any part of the meal would actually be enjoyed, it would have been only due to the fact that they added that extra packet of Sweet-n-Low to their tea.

Back to my niece, Olivia, I love her excitement in life. Simple things amaze her that adults seem to forget the exceptionality of. Olivia stops what she is doing to observe spring’s first butterfly float out of sight. She squeals in excitement of the sound of rain, and watches in amazement of someone else’s facial expressions. At times, elders tend to forget the beauty of the outdoors, the tranquility of nature, and entertainment, not of a DVD or the internet, but of fellow people.

If I have learned one thing as I am finding myself in this crazy world I have learned to never fully grow up. I will not be 25 playing with sidewalk chalk, in my pajamas, and my peanut butter sandwich from lunch still on my face, but I hope to not take life too seriously. I hope I can be open enough to not judge others by the clothes on their back, not forget the simply things in life that I once enjoyed discovering when I was younger. I hope to be able to find amazement in the trees changing colors in the fall, and not feel the need to go and buy the latest DVD for amusement in life. I hope to never fully grow up because I believe that everyone should still have a little kid in them.