This I Believe

Kimberly - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

It was just a typical Sunday morning. I was listening to our choir director sing yet another song as if his first three weren’t enough. As we stood up to join in, I heard this clunk a few rows ahead of me. “What was that?” I thought. I was sitting alone because we arrived late. Suddenly, my mom and some other people from the church came over to help the person who had just fallen over. I started to turn my head and gaze into the aisle and I was terrified. At this moment I knew what I would believe.

My grandpa had collapsed. This amazing rush of fear and anxiety consumed me. I felt as if things were going in slow motion because people were still singing. Someone was comforting my grandma, but I was still alone. I started to pray that he would be all right. This was the first time I had ever sensed death, and I started to cry because I was seeing my grandpa lying on the floor. He went to the hospital and we discovered something was wrong with one of his medications, which had caused the incident.

This was a huge wake-up call. I did not appreciate my family as much as I should. I take my family for granted, and rarely stop to think about how much they mean to me. My family has a lot of fun together. When my brother was still home, we would have “family sleepover night” every Saturday after watching a movie. I also like having dinner with my family. It’s the only time of the day we can all just relax and be together. Your family influences who you will become and probably your values. A strong family can rely and depend on each other. Strong relationships inside a family are also important. I am very close with my mom and I can talk to her about anything. For instance, she never gets upset about my grades because she knows that I tried my best. We spend a lot of time together and we have so much fun when we have weekend trips for just us.

Friendships come and go, but family is family for life. You can ignore it, but can’t change it. I am thankful that God has blessed me with a family to love and trust. This is why I believe in family.