Healing The Earth: My Life Mission

Michael - Ypsilanti, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that my life mission is to help heal the Earth. I believe that I chose to come to Earth, from the spiritual realms, to do this.

For many years I’ve been wondering what it is I can do to realize my mission. To me, healing the Earth means to offer something unique of myself to others, helping them heal themselves. I’ve done this in the past by offering a smile, a hug, a kind word, and through my song writing. Yet, I want to do more. And I’m still searching for the way, the healing path that I’m to walk for the rest of my days. And I believe that I must walk that path with conviction, a healthy mind, healthy emotions and a healthy, active spiritual life.

I’m what is known as a “wounded healer”. Someone who, having survived various traumas, and recovered, is able in turn to help others heal from similar traumas. I have had many physical traumas in my lifetime; umpteen broken bones, illnesses including two bouts with a rare form of leukemia. I had no problem looking death in the eye when I was told I had a 50/50 chance of surviving surgery, and if I did, I might live another 5 years. This was 20 years ago, by the way, when I was first diagnosed with leukemia.

But, it is the mental and emotional injuries I’ve suffered in this lifetime that have done the most damage to me, and are also the key to my mission. Depression, too long undiagnosed, going back to my childhood, and 25 years that I spent in a emotionally stunted marriage (I take equal blame, it takes two to tango) have taken a great toll.

These mental and emotional issues are the critical ones for me to work on in my own healing, and the ones that will lead me onto my true path of healing the Earth by helping others heal. At the core of my belief is the idea that the only way we can save the planet, save humanity and all other life on the planet, is by making sure that everyone has everything they need to thrive, not just survive. This includes not only their physical needs, but also their mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

I’ve taken a pledge, that for the remainder of my life, I’ll do all that I’m able to realize my mission in life. And, while I still haven’t come upon the next exact step in my life as a healer, I do know that, as a sentient being, I have no more inherent rights than any sentient being on the planet. We’re all in this together, and our only chance of survival is to care for each other as we would a member of our own family. We are all family. We all must work together to heal each other, to heal the Earth.

This, I believe.