Children can change people

Ashley - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, family

Children can change people-

Sponge Bob Square pants is her favorite TV show, rap is her favorite music, and princess high heels are her favorite shoes. I’m talking about my three year old niece, Aurora. She is the most beautiful, hilarious, adorable girl I’ve ever seen. However, when we first found out my sister was pregnant, it wasn’t a very happy or festive occasion. When my sister told us over a year ago she was pregnant again, we again couldn’t brig ourselves to celebrate for her. No one thought it would happen, but the joy, happiness, and the life my niece and nephew have brought to our family has changed everyone, for the better.

Abby is my 19 year old sister. She started getting herself in trouble in high school and was getting kicked out of school for her attitude, drug use, and anything else the teachers could catch her doing. When she was just 15 my parents made the decision to send her for help. She went to a place for “troubled” girls to get out of their bad habits and into a healthy lifestyle. After one month of her being there, and us not being allowed to see her, her counselor came to our house and told us that Abby is pregnant. We knew she was going to keep it. Over the next few months, we only saw Abby a few times. Abby had her baby, and was able to come back to my mom’s house when she was ready to leave the hospital. Some people were more than kind to Abby and showed her and my family great compassion. Others were mean, rude and hurtful. No matter how much people didn’t agree with my sisters’ choice in keeping the baby, we could not imagine life without aurora.

About 6 months ago my sister just had another child. Cashis. The family was not thrilled when she told us she was pregnant again. Even though we loved having one child around, how was an 18 year old going to be able to raise two children? They have separate fathers who aren’t even going to be around, what is she thinking? Our brother was furious because her baby was going to be a mixed baby. My cousins from down south called making all kinds of racists comments to my sister. I was so thankful I was home during this time because there were few others around to support her.

The children are getting bigger and bigger. Cashis’ big smile and bright blue eyes just light up your day. He adores his big sister, and his sister is always watching out for him. My sister is an amazing mother. No one can understand how blessed my sister was to have two very healthy, happy, beautiful children. We cannot imagine life without them. Our brother loves watching the children for a day. Our cousins learned to listen to my sister and get over the color of his skin. Our family is closer. My parents are divorced, and we are rarely ever together, but I never thought after the past that our family had we could be so close. I truly believe that it was the time we spent together helping and watching Aurora and Cashis grow that has made our family stronger. Being with each other is not only tolerable, but enjoyable now. There is nothing that makes our family happier than being together, with Aurora and Cashis there with us. I believe that children can change people, for the better.