No Boundaries

Mike - USA
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…No Boundaries

Everyone on the team came sprinting past the goal line, out of breathe with hamstrings burning. The coach blew the whistle and everyone burst off the line running to the next line as though they had the football as someone was trying to tackle them. As the last players arrived at the line, the coach yelled for all to gather around him for his daily speech. As each player listened intently, thinking that he was going to tell them who was going to be the starting players for the next game, instead, much to the player’s surprise, he started just listing players randomly. Everyone was looking at each other in confusion, since of course; these kids weren’t going to start! The coach then continued on by pointing out some of the star players. He continued to speak about the effort that each of these players puts in. Those who were still breathing hard and those who were not, know whether they tried their hardest, or their best, and it was the players who always gave 100% to be part of a team that impressed him the most. So, he said, can you honestly say you try your hardest to improve yourself everyday, to make yourself more today than you were yesterday? This, much to everyone’s surprise, is how the coach ended practice.

All the players left the field, some joking and laughing at the speech, some smiling because they knew they always tried their best and coach was pointing them out for their efforts. I, who was still thinking about what the coach had said, walking into the locker room contemplating all he said. Was he talking about me, did I try my hardest each practice? Did I run that last 40 yard sprint to the best of my ability? Or did I just jog so I could have finished in the middle of the pack where the coach wouldn’t have noticed me? The message the speech sent to me was that I believe those who try their hardest at everything have no boundaries. I know at every practice and at everything I do from now on, I will be giving it 100%, no matter what I am doing. To him, I am grateful for helping me realize that I have no boundaries.