This I Believe

Nathan - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe…”

I believe in the protection of endangered animals and the protection of their habitats. This is a huge problem that is increasing very fast. For instance, tigers before the 1900’s were thriving with over 100,000 tigers, then in 1942 there were under 40,000 of them. Now there under 3,500 total tigers on the planet. There are a ton of animals that are in the same position that these tiger are in and there are many more animals rabidly going into a threatened state of being.

Tigers have been my favorite animals since I watched a movie called “Two Brothers.” It is about two tiger brothers that got separated when they were young. When they were older they were owned by two separate, rather evil, owners. The owners met together at a cage-fighting ring and the tigers were to fight. But when they met together in the cage they realized they were brothers. They banned together and escaped. The unification and strength that tigers have is what makes me admire them so much and I don’t want them to disappear from the planet.

The animas that are endangered are mostly in Asia. The people that do that are the workers that cut down hundreds of trees every day. The people that are in charge of deforestation are not only killing animals but also plants and even the creatures that scientists do not even know exist and probably never will. But we don’t take that into consideration. We just tear down and rebuild, but the problem with that is that we are rebuilding factories, offices, and mansions. We are flooding the animals with materialism and they are dying off right before our eyes.

There are so many animals that are on the threatened or endangered list and there are many ways to help. You can donate money to charities or volunteer to help the charities. There are even facebook groups that tell you the many things you can do. Don’t get in the mindset that one person cannot make a difference, get out there and save the animals and the habitats they live in.