I Believe in Air

Joe - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

This I Believe

No matter where you go, air will always be there. It symbolizes life and hope. I believe in not only what air symbolizes but also how it affects people. Being a swimmer, I have found that air is very important. It is the difference between sinking or swimming, literally. You dive in the water and feel it rush against your skin. During the race, you strive for the victory. As you shoot into the wall you see feel the hope the air gives you. It’s something you can’t feel in water. It gives you the relief that you accomplished something. It relaxes you in ways that not many things can.

Everyone needs relief in our world because no one would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People would give up on their hopes and dreams because they won’t get to feel the weight be lifted off their shoulders as they make major accomplishments.

Sometimes people need relaxation because they are overwhelmed with what is happening in their life. They can take a quick breath and go on with their lives. I’m positive that almost everyone has been in that exact same situation. Without the calming affect that the air in your body has on you I bet that almost everyone would not have ever felt the feeling of simplicity and relaxation. Whenever you feel that your life is too complicated you naturally calm yourself by just breathing. It seems odd that something as simple as breathing can relax you but it is sometimes the best medicine.

I believe in air because it always gives you the reward that you deserve. Whether you are swimming a race and you don’t think you can make it, or you are doing a project and you think you’re going to fail, a simple breathe gives you all the validation that you deserve. Remembering this fact can save you much confusion and panic during your life. Air will always be there to give you a helping hand.