This I Believe

Christine - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I grew up in a poor neighborhood, but was brought up differently than the other kids in my neighborhood. I lived sort of a double life. I wasn’t rich and didn’t have money, yet I had lots of friends who did due to me attending private schools my whole life. My parents were able to get me a scholarship for my elementary, middle, and high schools. I was able to experience a really good educational environment. I loved the schools I attended, and loved to be with the friends and teachers. I believe that all children, no matter what their parents financial status may be, should be able to attend any school they want. I believe that they should be able to experience the great experience I was able to get. The type of environment in these schools is a lot different than those of public schools, because of the fact that the teachers and administrators are more focused on a smaller ratio of classes than those of public schools. I’m not saying that public schools are not good for kids, I just think that children should be able to choose if they want to attend a private school or public school. The reason why my parents pushed on getting me and my brother to attend private schools was because of the good education, and also because of the religious factor. I learned everything there is to know about my religion in both of my schools. Some parents may have interest in the education factor, but do not agree with the religious factor, and that is normal. Some of the children attending school with me weren’t Catholic, and didn’t believe in what the school and I believed in, but were still able to be in a diverse environment. I hope that one day, any child who wants to experience this, has every chance to. This I believe.