I Believe that Practice is the Best Way to Acheive a Goal

Brian - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on September 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Fourteen years ago I picked up a baseball for the first time, ever since all I’ve wanted to do was play baseball at the highest level. Since then I have realized that this particular goal has several steps I must take in order to achieve it. Throughout my life I have achieved several of these goals and they have all come through hard work and practice. I believe that practice is the best way to strive and achieve even our hardest of goals to reach.

Last year I achieved one of the hardest goals for me to reach, making my high school baseball team. Up to that point every fall and spring I dedicated my free time to baseball. I spent years on traveling teams, in Little Leagues and in Babe Ruth’s always practicing to achieve a higher status as a high school baseball player. After years of practice and dedication to my sport, I went to tryouts in February. For three days I showed the Lyons Township High School Baseball coaches what I had worked my whole life for, and on the fourth day my name was posted on the coach’s door under the freshman roster. Another step towards my ultimate goal was achieved through the practice and time I had taken several years before.

Through practice I have become the best baseball player I can be and am still today practicing to achieve my goal of playing as a pro in the majors. I played on the All Stars teams and in the out of town tournaments, I went to Strikes and Line Drive for my private lessons on hitting and pitching. Now I am a high school baseball player and just one step closer to my dream goal, and the only way that I’ve gotten this far was from my hard work in practice. I do believe that the best way to achieve even our hardest of goals to reach is through practice.