Why Not Lend a Helping Hand

Brittany - Mooresville, North Carolina
Entered on September 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that when you see a small elderly man who dropped his glasses in the pouring rain you should go pick them up for him and help him put them back. I believe if you see a parent looking for the wondering child you should stay and help until that person is put out of distress. I believe that if you see a little boy in the cereal isle who can’t reach his favorite cereal you get it down for him. What I am trying to say is if you can do anything to make even the tiniest difference in the world you should go for it. I believe if you that little girl sitting on the seesaw alone in the school yard with people looking at her in disgust because maybe she’s fat compared to the rest of the girls or maybe she can’t afford the clothes from the stores you shop at. You should go talk to her let her know she has somebody in her life she can talk to and call a friend. I believe if you pass by a person holding up a card board sign asking for a little support maybe asking you to spare a few dollars for them I think you should stop your terribly busy day for five minutes and five dollars to shed a little light upon their day. I believe that nobody should be hurt in this world intentionally. I believe that war is wrong if you think about what you doing your killing innocent people both countries should be disappointed by their actions because both countries are made up of people maybe speaking different languages, they may look a little a little different but inside they are still humans just like you and me. I know life’s not fair which I understand but what I don’t understand is when I see things like this occurring in peoples life the people around me don’t stop and when they do you see a look of disgust and superiority in their eyes as they keep on walking by. Well walkers I want you to think what if that was me what If I didn’t have a bed sleep in, money to feed my kids. What if I were that little girl who walked down the hallway getting stuff thrown at her and getting laughed not having one friend out of everyone who sees and knows what’s going on is wrong but wont come seesaw with you because they don’t want to look bad. What If you live in Iraq and your little boy was killed in the bombing today. This could be you and. The point i am trying to bring across is “If you give a little bit of love, it will all come back to you”. I’m sure we can all think back to a time when if somebody could have spared maybe just a dollar it would have helped. If somebody would have helped you in any way you would have appreciated it. I believe you should help anyone in need and not only will it make you a little better of a person but maybe you will need help someday and same person just might help you. This is what I believe and I really wish people would just try a little harder to help out.