THis I believe

James - san antonio, Texas
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

There are problems in the world that need to be addressed. I don’t mean by some government entity though. These are changes that need to come from within people. We have somehow forgotten how to be a good neighbor. Everyone is running around stepping on their fellow man trying to inch their way up the proverbial ladder, all the while blaming others for all their own short comings. But worst of all is we can no longer even defend ourselves against slanderous remarks because of our need to be politically correct. There is nothing, anymore, that can be said without offending some overly sensitive group of people. One way or another you will always step on someone’s toes, so I say to hell with it. Maybe this is a sign our society is loosing its independence. Without the freedom to openly disagree we have lost something fundamental as a people.

Another problem, I think, is the media. Movies and magazines have taken the place of intelligent thought. Not to say there are not intelligent shows on television or some brilliantly written magazines, however, as a whole people seem to be more interested in the latest celebrity scandal than in what happened at last nights city council meeting. People are no longer paying attention to the things that will affect their lives the most, being content just to hand over the reigns and complain about things they did nothing to change. People are being brain washed into believing they need to look a certain way or buy a certain product to be happy. After all isn’t that the American way?

America, land of the free, best nation on Earth, is quickly becoming a laughing stock. And this will only get worse if its citizens do not wake up and realize that we need to take responsibility for our country, our community, our families, and ourselves. This I strongly believe.