Mothers Have The Most Influence in Your Life

Misty - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

I believe that mothers are who most influence you in your life. I didn’t realize how much mothers influence their children until I had children of my own. I believe the relationship you have with your mother can affect who you become when you get older and who you chose to have relationships with in your life. My mother has always been around when I needed her. We may not have had a lot of money when I was younger but I did have what money could not ever buy. I had and still have a mother that would still find something to contribute even when she had nothing left. She taught me that I should always respect others and treat others how I would like to be treated. She has a lot of patience and because of her, I do too. I see proof of this through others around me. I have come across women or should I say, girls that have never had a mother as caring as mine and they are the total opposite of me. They are not patient, understanding, or listen to logic. They don’t think of the consequences before they act. Unfortunately, these characteristics can be passed on to your children. I can only hope that in their cases they will change before that is passed to their children or that their extended family has more of an influence on them than their mother does. Seeing the errors they have made have only opened my eyes more to appreciate my mother and the relationship we have. I am now just working on doing the same with my children. The characteristics that have been instilled in me by my mother are tested everyday. My patience especially now more than ever, has been tested. Something in the back of my mind always is guiding me when I make decisions. My mother has been that something.