Every Book is a Good Book

Dawn - USA
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every Book is a Good Book

Books are something everyone should read, and not because they are being forced. I myself believe in a good book, and maybe not just a good book but a great book or one that you start to read and just can’t stop. A never ending story that pulls you into the book, like a movie in 3-D. You can read it before you go to sleep or when you’ve had a bad day, and the story will just take you away .Then when you’re done it makes you wanting more. All these qualities are what makes me full heartedly believe in a good book.

I have read many books and I have never disliked a single one of them. That doesn’t mean that I would read some of those books again. For me if I want to read a book for the second time it has to stand out and not be some cliché everyone has heard before. The first time I recognized how much I loved books started as soon as I learned to read. Since then, there has to be dozens of books on my bookshelf, not a single one un-read.

One of my favorite authors, Mitch Albom, wrote which has to be one of the best books I’ve read, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. This book is what really makes me believe in a good book. It was a couple years ago and a movie was being advertised on the TV. They showed a preview and I instantly wanted to see it. The movie was The Five People You Meet in Heaven. At this point I had never even heard of Mitch Albom on whose book the movie was based on. I watched this incredible movie and knew I had to read the book. Well, I read the book and of course I loved it just like I had loved watching the movie. The amazing thing about this book and what makes it a good book is its ability to change your outlook on life. If just wasn’t another fairy tale, but obviously not real events, but it makes you think about what does happen after you die. And do you really see your loved ones and or the people whose life you affected or the people who’ve affected you? These are questions I’m sure many have wondered.

A book that really makes you think or wonder and use your imagination can be agreed by almost everyone, that this book or any other book for the matter, that makes you dread the moment that you have to tear your self apart from the fragile story line can be considered not a waste of trees but a amazing book for generations that follow.