Knowing I am always loved

Kathy - mico, Texas
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe that everyone should feel loved. When I was around seven years old, my dad came home to tell us that he was getting transferred with his job. So my parents, my brother, and I all packed our car with the immediate stuff that we needed and took off cross country in our car. When we arrived, the job had been delayed and we had no where to live so we lived in our car. It was some of the scariest months of my life, but I felt so safe because I knew my parents wouldn’t let anything happen to us. Some nights we weren’t sure what we were going to have for dinner, but some how my parents always managed. This was a complete low for my family, but we did it together. We had the support of each other to get through it. Although I never was spoiled by getting the name brand clothes or the latest gadgets like my friends did, I knew I was loved.

My parents were always there for me. I always had someone cheering for me in the stands or the audience. I had the support from them that I carry with me today. I have two children of my own and one step son. I cherish every moment together as well all the mile stones. It has not always been easy to raise a child that is not my own, but none the less, I am there too at all the school functions cheering on as my parents taught me by lessons learned. My children do not always get the expensive toys or the most up dated technologies, but they know that I am there for them. They may not have to face the hardships that I did, but these are my life experiences that I can learn from. I believe that being loved and feeling loved out weighs anything that money can buy. Support and love will and has brought so much joy into my life and I still know today that my parents love me unconditionally as I love my kids.