life is a learning experience

fermin - s. a., Texas
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

When I was a kid going thru grammar school, middle school and high school trouble seemed to find me. The second grade was my first encounter. Always up for a challenge in the wrong way. Boom I got detention. Detention to me was like an extra class period for me. Being the class clown didn’t help at all either. I was lucky my teachers didn’t strangle me. Disrupting class here and making rude comments out loud. I Accumulated so many parent notices that we called” pink slips” you wouldn’t believe. But being the great manipulator I was I could forge my parents signature like it were their’s. Manipulation, lying and not so good grades was my thing. There was numerous time that I was banned from class field trips. Pretty much every other year you could count on that. Going to middle school was I Blur. I got into a couple of fights. You win some you lose some. It was crazy but believes or not as the butt head I was my grades weren’t too bad. So academically for awhile I was on point. Some of my so called friends of mine at the time where academically weren’t so good. They were always in a separate class then I was at times. They would go to the classes that were in the portables in small groups. These classes to us as kids where called the slow group. For some odd reason back then being in a slower group you where considered a trouble maker as well. It puzzled that pretty much if your academics weren’t up to par, you acted out in class. Kids in my class where bullied and made fun of a lot. After transitioning to high school another level of bad versus good appeared. There was gang violence everywhere. Having friends on both sides was hard. But by making me available to a program called Pals changed my views on lot of things. It was a program that could help students that had problems in different areas. You where basically a friendly ear and could give advice. This kind of training helped me go on to other ways. I loved sports so much that I began to coach and help out at my local recreational center. As I got older I found a job in after school care. I had worked doing after school care for about a couple of months. Sure enough this place took on kids with special needs and children who got kicked out of other facilities. As a former trouble maker in my youth helped me a lot to have a positive attitude and understand where they came from. A year later I got hired for North Side Independent School District at an alternative school. Ironically I have been working here for about 10 years with troubled, special needs and kids who are on probation. I love working with children and have gained a respect for the people in the teaching field. Pretty much I am still in the atmosphere of trouble but this time I am the teacher and they are me of old.