Every experience is unique

Xue - New York State, New York
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, immigrant

I believe we should consider every experience in our life as a unique one in order to develop a positive attitude toward all the sad things and unluckiness in life.

Before I came to this belief, I was vulnerable and sentimental. When I met obstacles, I would be very emotional and feel really bad about the unfortunate experiences. Gradually, I found it is useless to do so. Feeling bad does not make any change on the current situations. Feeling bad can not make my grade turning from F to A, Feeling bad can not make my parents stop quarreling. Feeling bad can not make things work out.

I know I should step up and be strong and have a positive attitude toward the ups and downs in life and the way I find doing this is to take every experience, no matter good or bad, exciting or boring as a unique experience throughout my lifetime. And I even think it is better to experience some tough things which can make me more mature and sophisticated when I am young. For example, I leave my parents in Shanghai and go to study in Hong Kong and then leave Hong Kong and come to American for an exchange. I have to deal with challenges such as cultural shock, accommodation problems every time environment changes. However, by keep telling myself every experience is a unique one, I become a brave girl to embrace life which always composes of happiness and sorrowness. In addition, I learn to be open-minded and think calmly when dealing with problems rather than gett which I think are all benefited form a positive attitude toward life.

Bad experience is not that bad as long as we can learn from it. Thus, we can avoid the same thing happen again next time. What really bad is being defeated by those unfortunate experiences and reluctant to move on. Everyone becomes a unique person because the unique experiences they have gone through. So why not try to appreciate those experiences and make yourself unique.