The Flower

Tiffany - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Flowers

I believe in the flow of time and the power of angels.

Someone runs nearly into you on the old playground and they shove their arms out as they go. Your hands hit the scalding sand that gets everywhere. The sand sprays up as you hit and gets into your mouth. You try to spit the grainy sand out of your mouth as you stand and brush the sand off with burning hands. Your knees sting and your eyes try futilely to adjust to the bright, white mid-day sun. You look up to the sky for guidance but nothing answers. Girls giggle in your direction and boys openly guaff at you in your failure to keep on your feet. You wonder why they do this everyday. You’ve asked the sky and trees a billion times what their purpose is but if they answered, you can’t comprehend their foreign tongues.

This often happened to me and I looked for the answers high and low. When I finally found it, my teacher was nothing but a flower. Not a big one. One that no one would ever notice. A tiny, yellow flower pushing it’s way up through the arid earth behind my house. I looked at it confused. Why would the flower even try when it’s future seemed so bleak? It looked that way to me. “Why bother trying to survive if your going to die anyway?”, I asked. The flower did not answer. But as time wore on I got the just of what it might have said.

I watched it the whole summer. I checked on it in the early mornings and late evenings just as the last rays of golden sun were waving there goodbyes to our side of the world where after I would have to run quickly back inside before dinner. I remember looking at it on that last day of summer as night began to fall and noticing how it had flourished. Even in that hopeless time it still went and eventually it grew from a ghost town to a prosperous village. It had aquired six flowers as the first was worn away by dust and wind, with four new buds that had yet to show their determined faces to the sun.

From that little evening on I saw the whole world differently. I was determined not. I had a goal. The same as that little flower, I would live and I would grow. I would become something, anything. But I would be something. No matter what the world seemed to throw at me, I was braced and ready. No longer would I cower at the insults and false punches of my bulies. I would prove that I couldn’t be beaten. I was invincible.

I don’t know where I’d be without that flower, without all the other people in my life that were my salvation . Everyday I remember them and though my angels may not have come in human form or even anything alive, I have learned great things on my quest. Not all of them of the material world but of the spirit world as well. So I give thanks to my angels in disguise on earth and strive to do them justice for all the great things they have taught me.