Every Day can be Great if you choose it to be

Jacob - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on September 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One of my favorite quotes actually comes from one of my best friends. We just talking with each other one morning and I asked her how her day was. She said, “It’s been a good and it’s gonna be a great day.” I asked her how she knew and she simply replied, “Every day is great if you choose it to be.” She did have a great day even though it was the same day that her brother was taken to the hospital because he was feeling very sick.

Now I agree with her and I try to make every day great. Even if something bad happens the day could still be awesome! All I have to do is try to have a good attitude and focus in what makes the day great. I can’t lie, I have had my share of miserable days but it helps me make the next day better.

My day begins when I get up and get ready for it. Usually I don’t wake up and say, “Well, today sucks.” No, no, I try to see what is in store for me before I make it what it is. No matter what else is going on I just try to shrug off the bad and embrace the good. I try to stay in a positive mood because I believe that just as a smile is contagious, so is a frown. If I have a bad attitude throughout the day it will affect the people around me. Now it feels like I have a new responsibility to be happy, have an awesome day, and share it with others!

Friends and family play a huge role in my life and they help make every single day what it is. I don’t always have them around but there are other things in life that help. For me it is my faith in God and my love of music. I’m not afraid of much because I know that God is with me and my music always seems to cheer me up. When I am having a hard time I usually like to listen to music or remind myself of a song to help. My favorite band is Relient K and in one of their songs they say, “Isn’t it nice to know that the lining is silver?” At times that can mean so much to me and help me out a lot.

With a mind set on having a great day I don’t believe that any day has to be bad. If you are happy, joyful, or whatever great feelings, share those feelings with someone else! It could mean the world to them and they might end up having a great day too. I believe that any day could be the next best day of your life.