I Believe in Freedom

Kelsie - Winchester 22601, Virginia
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Freedom

On July 4th, 1776 America’s founding fathers signed a document called the Declaration of Independence. That document is meant to last throughout time, declaring not only our separation from English rule, but also one’s individual freedom. Throughout the decades there had been many controversies and trials over the meanings of certain freedoms. I believe in Freedom, one should be able to express themselves in any way shape or form, without being criticized or ridiculed.

I believe every person, no matter what color or race one is, should be treated equally as the person standing next to them. Many lives were lost, and many famous battles were fought, only to see that in the end the right of freedom overruled. The Civil War was hundreds of years ago, but still people think that race and color are different, and not equal to us.

In the Declaration of Independence is it stated that “all men are created equal”. If that document is important enough to preserve, I believe that people should abide by it, and its true meanings. Slavery has long since been abolished, but people still believe they deserve more since their ancestors were not. My cousin teaches to young students whose parents tell them they do not have to listen to anyone because the student (dark colored) is better than other races in that room. I believe this belief is absurd. “All men are created equal”, and we should all live together abiding by this declaration.

I believe in freedom of expression. I believe oneself should be able to express themselves in whichever way possible. Even if someone does not like what the person is “expressing”. My high school Art teacher would change all of my ideas, and turn them into works of art that did not even have a meaning to me anymore. The piece of art was not expressing anything that I would want it to; it had originated from my idea with a meaning, into a work of art that did not even look like anything I could think up. Since then I have not let anyone change who I am or what I intently wanted to express.

I believe the Declaration of Independence was written in order to be followed centuries later. Equality to all is stated in it, and yet it took decades for people to find the true meaning of it, and abide by it. I believe that our government wanted the freedom from England so that we could finally become our own individuals, without having to look up to anyone.

I believe in freedom, one should be able to express themselves in any way shape or form, without being criticized or ridiculed. Freedom can be defined in many ways such as speech, equality, religion, and expression. All of which I believe are a human’s given rights when put on this earth.