Eat Right

Alex - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe eating correctly is the key to leading a good life. Eating affects all facets of life in both positive and negative ways. The facets that are affected when food goes into a persons stomach are both physical and emotional. For example, one year, my family and I went to Applebees to celebrate my cousins birthday. But instead of eating the great meal we were hoping for, we received food that was stale and flavorless. Consequently, my family and I left the restaurant unfulfilled and dissatisfied thus putting a damper on my cousins birthday. The quality of food in this case directly effected my familys emotions. The meals shared with the family are a rich tradition in America and across the globe. Food amalgamates families together whether it’s for supper or a special holiday. Not eating enough food or ingesting food that is low quality can make many people irritable and cantankerous. Consuming the right foods along with a variety of other activities can make people look and feel better. If people eat correctly, they will be in better health and improve their overall physique, which in turn raises their confidence. Food goes hand and hand with the amount of contentment in a persons life. Everybody can learn valuable life lessons through the practice of eating properly. By understanding the difference between gluttony and hunger a person can develop self control. I know firsthand that over consumption can bring greed. A way to battle this greed and gluttony is by sharing with other people. The act of sharing between multiple people builds their character and moral respect. The process of eating food can be used as an analogy for incentives people receive in their jobs. Too much reward can lead to greed and excessive indulgence while not enough incentives can lead to helplessness. A human being needs to be set on a healthy median and not stray into extremes because it can lead to bad habits. Knowing I need to eat the right amounts of food brings me a sense of responsibility because I am in control of my own body and what goes into it. I believe eating correctly reaps many benefits and can make anybody a better person..