Belief is a Choice, it’s our vote.

Chris - Brunswick, Georgia
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This political season has stirred up a lot of beliefs in the American psyche that caused me to think and take inventory about what I believe. What DO I believe? Of course the follow-up question to myself is always, “Why do you believe that?”, followed closely by, “Why am I talking to myself?”.

I’ve never been overly active in politics, nor excited about religion. I used to believe that it didn’t matter whether I voted or not, because I’m just one man with one vote. However, the 2008 presidential election compels me not to sit this one out. In the past 4 elections that I’ve been eligible to vote, I’ve only chosen to vote in two of them.

I first registered to vote in high school as an independent, because I really didn’t know what democrats or republicans believed nor stood for. My plan was to simply vote for the guy that I liked. However, in my own apathy towards politics, I didn’t vote, although I liked and would have voted for the Democratic candidate who won in the general election that year.

In 2000 I decided to vote for the Republican candidate because I “felt” that he held some of the same beliefs that I did at that time since I consider myself a Christian. On Sept. 11, 2001, I felt as if I had made the right choice, because I couldn’t see the other guy dealing with a situation as grave as 9-11.

Like so many Americans, I was forced to take stock in what I believed and why. I learned that I could choose what to believe either based on what I heard or read, or in spite of it. I realized that my belief could be based on something solid or nothing at all. However in the 2004 election I voted Democratic again and of course since my guy lost, I slipped back into believing that my vote was useless and I took off work to vote, for nothing.

This year, I’m having to take another inventory of what I believe and why. I then have to choose what I’m going to believe.

Sure, I believe in the right for a woman to choose to have her child or abort her child, but I also believe that life is precious and does begin in the womb. After all, God himself allows us to choose.

Sure, I believe in intelligent design and a God who created things. I also believe that it is possible that there was a “big-bang” in the process, and that somehow that intelligent design has evolved over the years. Who really knows for sure?

I believe that we all have our beliefs and that most of them are not too far from the truth, but in the end we can choose to believe it or not. We can choose to take one side or the other; or choose to believe both or neither. That is what makes this American life so great.