peace of mind

Maha - Flower Mound, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I never dreamed about coming to America. I dreamed about becoming a world famous person in sports or science. I was brought up in a small village in India. I loved the environment. It was pollution free, the school was 1 minute from my home and I came home for lunch. I came to America in 1997 and studied computer science. I love what I do and make a good living. In 2008 I became a US citizen. Now I feel like I am the citizen of the world, ‘one world, and one globe’.

When I look back and see the events happened in my life I wonder whether things happen by chance or by choice. I believe whether it is by choice or by chance it is something in you that drives you to be in a particular state. It is hard to explain whether you can control it. Some times your choice gets implemented the way you wanted it. Other times it takes a course of its own to end up in a state which might be more desirable than your choice. But what ultimately matters is the attitude towards your choices and how true you are to your efforts.

Writing this small essay is a choice I made. When I finished writing it I wonder whether the state this ended up is a chance or a choice. One thing for sure if you do not resist the experience offered to you and you face every experience in a positive way then you would experience nothing but peace.

I believe more than happiness what we need is peace of mind. I learned from a spiritual leader that happiness is a state that could be described and explained, but peace is a state of mind that can only be experienced.

I learned and truly believe in devotion to God; practice having good thoughts, and doing good deeds. All these things will bring peace to our lives.