Alexia - Mosca, Colorado
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in God. This I believe because I have experienced and survived two tragic events.

Back a few summers ago I went to Denver with my friend Breanna and her family. It was a nice and pleasant time, we went to the mall and look in every store we possibly could. We were having a blast! After the mall we stayed in a really nice hotel and swam in the indoor pool most of the time. The next morning we had to take my friends grandma to the airport. On our way to the airport we got stuck at a red light for about ten minutes. Sitting at the red light the driver got very impatient and decided to run the red light. As we were passing through the intersection a car appeared out of no where. Suddenly my world was literally turned upside down. I thought that the wreak could have ended my life but I realized that if God was not with me that day then I wouldn’t be here till this day. This accident made me realize that there really is a God.

Another experience I have been through is when my grandpa Andrew passed away. He was a very intelligent and hard working man. My grandpa was always there for me when I was sad when I needed someone to talk to or just whenever I needed him. When my grandpa died I was devastated, as my whole family was. Through out all these years without him my family and I didn’t know how accept his death. But with God we were able to be strong. God helped us move on. He gave us the strength to accept his death. He gave us the knowledge to know that he is now in a better place.

If you’re stressing or struggling through bad times just ask God for help. I believe he will help you because I have experienced these hard times, tragic accidents and have asked God for help and strength.

I strongly believe that there is a God up there looking down on everybody, taking care of everybody and helping them through challenges that life shall bring.