The Best Place in the World

Elizabeth - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature, place

I live in a town where I get stuck behind tractors on a daily basis. We have a YMCA and a couple mom and pop restaurants, but other than that there is not much for entertainment. But I would never want to live anywhere else because my town has the beach and I believe that the beach is the best place in the world. I am not exaggerating when I say this. Beaches are universally enjoyed all around the world. They are not just for the rich; they are a gift from nature that anyone can unwrap.

There are all different kinds of beaches. My favorite beaches to go to are the well preserved ones with sand dunes, animals living in their natural environment unharmed and with unpolluted water. But other people enjoy a beach with a strip mall where they can do some shopping. Or maybe you like a beach where cabana boys bring you frozen drinks all day. No matter what kind of beach you like best, it is the perfect place to escape.

The beach is also a place of liberation. There was once a time when women would wear weights on the bottom of their long skirts so that they wouldn’t float up while swimming in the water. That was an accident waiting to happen. So, nowadays women can wear bikinis that show off their figure. There are even nude beaches in some parts of the world. Liberation, freedom, escape, relaxation… What negative words could you think of to define the beach? Well some may say sharks but come on, who doesn’t enjoy Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?

Happy, warm, romantic feelings flood into your soul when imagining the beach. How often do you find a place that a toddler loves just as much as a person of old age? Or somewhere where you can be for hours at a time with no electronics except maybe a radio and still be perfectly content? Or where you can play basically any sport under the sun from volleyball to bocce? It’s hard to compare any other place to that.

The beach stimulates all of your senses. You hear splashing of kids throwing each other in the water, ice jingling around in a glass, seagulls yelling at you while you try to eat your lunch. Meanwhile you feel the sun warm your skin while you scrunch your toes into the sand. You can taste the salt on your lips as you dive into the refreshing ocean water. Or smell a grill being fired up at a nearby snack shack or the simple smell of a fresh ocean breeze. And sight. No one can deny the beauty of a wave crashing on the shore, or of an unbroken seashell, or the sight of the sun sinking down under the ocean during a sunset. Or of friends and family of all ages enjoying each others company, a little music and the best place in the world, the beach.