My Life, My take

Sally - HArrisburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family, hope

I married the wrong man ……….for me

He is a good man

but that’s my story

It was what I believed in…..then

– that has made me sorry

I believed anything is obtainable

I believed……

I believed in beauty, in intelligence, in true love

That if you try mind, body and soul – you could control

So I searched and with my beliefs

I thought I had found……………….

With the power of persuasion, I showed them a vision

They believed it, so I believed it ……even more

Not knowing, later on what was in store!

All have dreams, I had mine

I couldn’t believe I had him, now my journey would begin

Now here I am – a victim of my beliefs and convictions

Surrounded by crumpled and broken ambitions

I haven’t the face or the body he lusts for

My thoughts and conversations too shallow and petty

My nature and temperament too crude

My love and feelings too fierce

But we have a son – our life, our light

That keeps me hanging on

On good days, I believe

Years hence, we will find each other, celebrate each other

Not now, but someday………..

On other days, I feel wronged, very wronged and wonder why this became me

Anger floods my mind and tears fill my eyes,

then I believe

all will be set right…

Not now, but some day……….

This I believe

What happens today

Will always be set right

…………not now, but someday.