Just Listen

Katie - healdsburg, California
Entered on September 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my short 17 years, I have tackled my fair share of obstacles. Some I have faced head on, and some I shied away from at first, but I always managed to move past them in the end. There was one constant in my world of ups and downs, a voice that boosted me up when I was low and belted my war cry when I was fighting full tilt. I believe in music. My iPod is home to a multitude of different voices. Each band has their own place, their own repertoire, their own unique ability to manipulate my mood, and each has their own special place in my life.

Seldom, if ever, are you the first to experience something. To listen to music is to listen to someone’s stories, and in this way you can find someone who can relate to you when you are feeling most alone, or you can hear how someone else dealt with something and maybe find a better way to grapple with your situation. Song is inspiring. A certain guitar riff can hit you deep inside for no apparent reason, and lyrics can be even more uplifting. Whenever I am feeling down there is always a lyric that I can think of to lift me back up. They are good reminders for everyone to “hold your head high heavy heart.”

Honestly, I don’t know what I believe. All I know is that I can find my own voice in the voices of others. When I am feeling completely alone and clutched by the bony fingers of despair, I know that there are always open arms and sympathetic croons waiting for me to put in the earphones. I don’t know a better way to let go of everything you’ve been holding back than to go to a concert and let the beat flow through you and pulsate in your veins until it has cleared all the dust and darkness from your system. I wish I could tell you about some deeply moving experience, or a soulful life lesson, but I can’t. I have grown up in a world where everything is constantly changing and the only thing I am ever completely sure of is that there will always be a song out there that can make me smile when I am sad. Trends come and go, even in music, but the songs themselves never actually go away. Even when I am old I will be able to find some decrepit old copy of a Circa Survive album somewhere in the back room of a record shop. Just because they don’t get radio airplay in five years won’t mean that Say Anything has been erased off the face of the earth. And if Vaya never gets a record deal, I will still have their songs stuck in my head as I head to class. Pictures will fade and memories may be lost, but music is something no one can ever take away from me. As Chiodos says, “you won’t be leaving my heart, honey, even if you want me to let go.” I believe I won’t ever let go.