America election and a stateless nation

ART - IRvine, California
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

American election this year is one the most challenging elections for stateless minorities who can make a choice. Being proud of born qualities does not make sense, but being proud of one’s right choices is a different story. I was born as stateless and had no choice to which nation-state to belong. As soon as I was free to make a choice, I proudly become American. This year I have a tougher choice to make because of the impact of election on the lives of still stateless people, as explained here in 1001 words.

Some stateless people who have left tyrannies empty handed or at an older age might have a difficult time to integrate in the new society and depend on others to survive. Traditionally Democrats have been more supportive of dependent people and in return these people are morally obligated to support them. The well off immigrants, who had the financial privilege to rely on themselves or left tyrannies at a younger age, might integrate easier and vote for any candidate, whether Independent, Democrat, or Republican.

The objective of independent candidates might be fighting corrupt political establishments and be seen as luxurious by a stateless minority. If a stateless minority has been deprived form having its own identity or the right to learn its own language in public schools and within in own territory, it will be less concerned about party politics. Since independent candidates have no chance to make a tangible difference internationally, they seem less promising to stateless people. The ideal candidate for stateless people is one who fights for self determination and minority rights and has zero tolerance for discriminations and dictatorships. Their less ideal but pragmatic choice for the Whitehouse could be either a Democrat or a Republican.

Woodrow Wilson was a pioneering Democrat who believed in self determination rights for all nations. Also during his presidency women, the largest American minority obtained their voting right. Fall of fascism and creation of Israel happened while two Democrat presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, were in power respectively. These historical events might motivate other stateless minorities to support a Democrat for the presidency of the most powerful and determined country, the country of innovation, change, and equal opportunity.

The democratic candidate, Senator Obama, is a member of the black minority and as such might understand the struggle of other minorities and support them to fulfill their dream. His running mate, Senator Biden, a courageous and outspoken politician, has advocated for justice and self determination rights of many minorities. Although he does not dare to suggest independence for the most abused yet resilient stateless minority in the Middle East, he believes a state in a lose federation for one part of this nation is a fair solution. However, both Obama and Biden believe that the dictators might be reliable negotiating partners for peace in the Middle East. This position diminishes the ability of the Democratic team to be affective against the tyrants in the Middle East. In addition stateless minorities might criticize Democrats for not contributing to any significant change for better internationally since 1946. The only Middle Eastern dictator that was overthrown during Democratic administration of Jimmy Carter was Mr. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who was a more humane dictator than the leaders of the subsequent theocratic regime in Tehran.

Since for the past five decades Democrats have not made a tangible impact for better internationally, Republicans might argue that they are more effective in promoting human rights for abused and stateless minorities. Abolishing slavery by Abraham Lincoln, fall of Soviet dictatorship by Roland Reagan and of Saddam by George W. Bush all happened while a Republican was in the Whitehouse. These historical events might indicate that Republicans have zero tolerance for dictatorships.

A natural outcome of zero tolerance for dictators might be the war. Overthrowing any of the Middle Eastern dictators helps stateless minorities to get closer to their dream. The maverick Senator John McCain does not seem to trust any dictators. He has experienced fighting one of them as a young adult and rightfully thinks the world should be free from any tyrants. However, Senator McCain might prolong the unpopular war or engage us in another one, which would be of no interest to anyone. In addition, pacifists- me included- can not advocate something that they can not be part of. Of course self defense is another matter. While as pacifists we might reject using any weapon against anyone, it is the moral obligation of all of us to help the defenders of this country that has given us the privilege to be equal and fulfill many of our dreams.

Interestingly McCain chose another maverick as his running mate. Governor Sarah Palin, as a member of still disadvantaged women minority and a remarkably caring mother might balance the ticket despite her very conservative views. In fact she might be the best person for vice presidency, so the conservatives could learn from her family situation that one could be pro choice and pro life at the same time. She might remind the future president about the limited intellectual capacity of dictators and that forcing them to behave like an average human being is a very high expectation. Together they have the potential to serve the two American minorities, the seniors and the women. Together they might boycott tyrannical states and prevent Americans form helping them. Such an attitude would benefit stateless minorities. However, many Republicans often think like Kissinger and rarely mention anything substantial about the self determination rights of the largest stateless minority.

In the land of free we freely vote Democratic, Republican, or Independent unless none of them qualifies. I believe all of the candidates and their complimentary running mates are almost qualified to lead us and protect our independence as a free nation. To me they will become fully qualified, if they courageously declare their support for the independence of the largest stateless nation.