This I Believe

Chandler - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I believe in facing the inevitable feelings of regret and doubt. What I mean is, never regret your decisions and never let doubt hold you back. Of course it is very difficult to suppress feelings such as regrets and feelings that may lead down a safer path. However, I can honestly say, the best moments of my life are the ones when I let go of any regret that I may have had and overcome my doubts.

Throughout my life, I have had a craving for adventure and spontaneity. With a little adventure and spontaneous action comes a lot of failure and even more pain, both of whihc cause regret and doubt. For example, I love to go snowboarding during the winter and just let go of all my worries. What I believe is best about snowboarding is the jumps and the triumph I feel when I land safely. Sadly, landing safely is not as easy as it is on television, and I have many bruises to show for it. If someone falls and gets hurt they are going to regret their decision to do a specific jump, for example, and in many cases, they will never try that stunt again. Regret leads straight to doubt; because when you regret the outcome from before, you are doubtful you’ll be able to do it again.

I believe life is not worth living if you simply cannot face the fear of the unknown. Some of my personal life examples are: not knowing if I will hit the bottom of the river after a forty foot jump, or climbing a tree without knowing if the branches will hold me, or even simply not knowing what the reactions of my friends might be after I tell a joke. These risks I take are all decisions that some people will not attempt because of their doubts of the unknown. one of the many definitions of courage should state; the ability to walk past your doubts and not look back. Because that, I believe, takes true courage.