Traveling gives good childhood memories

Chad - Richmond hill, Canada
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that traveling gives good childhood memories.

Without including my home country Canada, I have traveled to nine different countries. I was born and raised in Korea , which is quite industrial. I was impressed because the other countries had great natural environments, different cultures and weather.

I was able to travel because my parents made an effort to earn money for our travels. Every summer vacation, my family would travel to other countries. I can remember a lot even though I was only about ten years old. Particularly, travel in Europe was most impressive. Flying through Germany’s sky , the towns below was red without green trees. I still wonder why they use only red blocks to bulid their roofs. In Switzerland, I went to the Alps. The Alps look like a person wearing a green tee shirt and a white cap. At the tops of the mountains, there was still a lot of snow despite it being the middle of a hot summer. When I went to the Rocky Mountains, there were lots of rocks and wildlife. The mountains look like they were wearing a white cap too, but it wore a gray shirt, because it has lots of rocks. In Italy , the weather was hot. It was too hot to even move, so I actually don’t have any good memories about Italy. The only thing that I can remember is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. I was very short back then, so my neck was bent back very far because it was too high to look at. In France, we went to the Eiffel Tower in the afternoon. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, it was an impressive view because I could see all of Paris and it was wonderful. A strong wind almost blew me and the tower away. Every avenue and street that I saw was wonderful in France. Some sidewalk artists were drawing, some were drinking coffee and talking. It was just like the Paris I imagined, neither worse nor better than I expected. In England, the weather was so capricious that we had torrents of rain and sunny weather twice in a day. I become wet and dry frequently.

All this travelling permitted me to know how big the world is and how different each country is. I felt that the world was so big because it took sixteen hours to fly from Korea to Germany. Even though it was too short a time and I was too young to know about all their cultures, I can still remember many things about my travels. I believe that traveling will give me good memories in my adulthood and I would like to travel in the future if I am able to.