I Believe In My Horses

Rachel - Calistoga, California
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have been riding since as long as I can remember. Racing the wind on horseback ever since I was five.

Horses were always a part of my life, but it wasn’t until over a year ago that I had a life changing experience with them: I discovered I’d just been given a month old foal. No one can deny that babies are cute, especially baby animals. So naturally, the first time I saw him I fell in love with him.

Rocky was a palomino foal, a gold horse with a white main and tail. He had a white stripe running down his face that was barley visible. Small patches of baby hair still speckled his smooth coat. As soon as he saw me he ran around his field of green grass, scared and timid with his mother looking at him like he was crazy. I knew he was going to be alot of work, but I knew I wanted to take on the challenge of doing so. He was my horse, no one elses. He would always be my horse.

I spent hours everyday with rocky thoughout my summer. I taught him to like his halter, to lead without fighting me, to pick up his hooves, to tie and much more. As the summer wore on I began to see Rocky not as some ridiculous gift, not as a training project, but as my family. Rocky wasn’t just any horse, he was my horse.

As the summer faded into school starting I kept working with him. Now hes almost a year and a half old. He is well behaved for his age, yet still cute. Now its my turn to get rewarded for my work, I can see it in the horse I created.

Its not only Rocky thats made a difference in my life. Every horse that Ive ever owned has, in some way or another. My horse make a difference in my life. Teaching a horse to do something and then seeing them do it after many many times of repeating the same boring process over and over is rewarding to the individual.

I believe in my horses.