Sports and Relationships

Robert - SYRACUSE, New York
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My life as a college student began in August 2007. After not doing much during my first few months at college, I decided I needed to do something to stay in shape. I opted to do something I was familiar with: running. I was on the Track and Field team during my last two years in high school. I had grown tired of the sport and had hoped I would never have to run again, but when I started gaining weight I knew I had to change my plans. I began running and believed I would stop after a few days, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed running because it reminded me of the good times I had with my friends on the Track team. This experience caused my belief in the power of sport. I believe sports should be used to form relationships and strengthen old ones.

When I think about sports and relationships, the first thing comes to my mind is the father-son relationship. A father may uses sports more than any other device to bond with his son. A typical activity fathers do with children is to have a baseball catch. An important event in this relationship is when a father brings his son to his first professional sports game.

I have become close to most of my friends by playing sports with them. I made my first friends in high school when I tried out for the Freshman basketball team. Many of my best friends when I graduated high school were on the Track team with me during my senior year.

Athletics allow fans to look past racial and religious differences. Most players in an NBA game are black, but most of the fans cheering them on are white. I am white, but I do not care that half of the New York Mets’ roster is composed of Latino players. Fans do not care what players look like, but about the effort they give and how they perform.

Sports can form new bonds and strengthen old ones. A good way for one to make new friends is to try a new sport. A person can get closer to someone by taking an interest in that person’s favorite sport. Athletics can lead to companionships that extend beyond the sports arena and last for a long time.