A second Chance

Rubie - Windsor, California
Entered on September 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A second chance

Now that I am getting ready to move on to a new stage of my life, I can’t help but look back on these past years and try to hold on to the memories. Memories that have made me laugh and memories that have made me laugh even harder. I would not even have these memories if it wasn’t for the people in them who have given me second chances. I believe that a person should always be given a second chance.

The summer before my sophomore year I enrolled in a pre-college program. The staff and my peers treated me like family; they supported me in everything I did, and were always willing to listen to what I had to say. I took advantage of the program, which was the point, but I also took advantage of the people. I didn’t appreciate all the help and support that the program provided me and I didn’t appreciate the staff and all the work they did.

At the end of the summer the program director asked me to reconsider my participation in the program. We had a long discussion of what it meant to be a family and values came along with it. He decided to give me a second chance because when he looked at me he saw a good person with a lot of potential.

I can’t thank him enough for giving me a second chance. If it hadn’t been for that second chance I would have never become so close with my peers in my program, or how I call them now, my family. I call them my family because of how much they mean to me and because of how strong our bonds have become. To imagine that without that second chance I would have missed out on all of this.

Because we are human beings and we make mistakes, I don’t believe that a second chance is too much to ask for. In my life I have made many mistakes and after receiving a second chance I never make the mistake again. I understand that people often go against their better judgment and act out on impulse. That one mistake or act does not define the person, which is why I will give them a second chance. They now have a chance to prove themselves to me and show me who they truly are. That is the beauty of a second chance, you are either glad you did it or push someone out of your life that didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. There is no room left for doubt, just certainty.