Competing for an Identity

Kevin - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Competing for an Identity

I have discovered the true nature of competition through many trials and experiences during my life. Whether it’s wrestling a big brother for household prominence, battling a fellow student for the highest GPA, or facing off with a fullback on the football field- I was becoming a better person because of it. I believe the intangibles instilled in individuals who compete to the best of their ability are unparallel and is something that can not be experienced by someone who always takes a back seat in life. I believe that standing up to a challenge and learning from various outcomes is very important to an individual’s psyche. I believe that competition builds character.

Think of a Pop Warner football team down 14 points at half time to a heavily favored opponent. All signs are pointing towards a loss and the other team has all the momentum on their side. However, the second half is a different story because of the team’s ability to come together with their backs against the wall and play with a collective purpose. You learn a lot about yourself and how strong you are when faced with an obstacle that you have no choice but to confront.

I believe that success is achieved only if you really feel you worked for it. The common goal of victory involved in competition drives people to be better and give everything they have. The idea of challenging someone in pursuit of triumph is appetizing to me because of the feelings of accomplishment and self worth you receive from it. I believe competition teaches you to push yourself to the limit and never give up.

I believe that you can learn a lot more from your failures than you ever could from success. Michael Jordan missed 23 game winning shots in his career and yet is still considered by many to be the greatest basketball player ever. You can not confuse victory and success as being the same because success comes from learning to compete and never backing down. Competition breeds tenacity and discipline in individuals which makes the world go round whether it is in business, personal relationships, or athletics. Competing in any realm pushes us to be the best we can be in all facets of our lives and builds distinctive characteristics that help us succeed at whatever we try to accomplish.