Mid Day Naps For A College Student Are Crucial

Joshua - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe that mid day naps are a crucial and yet sometimes costly part of college life. I believe there are few better feelings than dozing off on your bed after a morning full of classes and waking up refreshed, ready to finish the day. I believe that a thirty minute nap is needed especially for a college student who often goes to sleep around two am whether it is due to socializing with friends or needing extra time to finish assignments. However there’s no more eerie a feeling than falling asleep in the afternoon thinking you will only sleep for ten minutes and waking up to find that its dark outside and you’ve actually been asleep for three hours. That being said I believe that due to the satisfaction one gains from waking up refreshed, taking a nap is well worth the risk.

I was sitting in class on an early Tuesday morning, around 8 o’clock and as I listened to the teacher speak I began to feel my mind drift off into space as I started to fall asleep. Maybe it was due to boredom or maybe it was the fact that I had decided to stay up late last night that was making me feel this way. I could feel my head drifting back, eye lids involuntarily shutting as if my body was trying to force me into a dreamy state. It was taking every bit of energy I had to stay awake and yet I still managed to nod off. And though it only lasted seconds at a time, that was plenty of time to achieve that flustered and confused feeling one gets when being deprived of sleep.

Everything amplified in difficulty because of my current state, paying attention was troubling, taking notes was almost impossible, and I couldn’t help but think to myself how much I regretted taking this 8 o’clock class as the teacher’s voice played in my head sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown. I had three classes that morning and I wasn’t off to a great start. However, I managed to get by this wave of fatigue by the third class. At the end of that class I was alert enough to feel like going to the gym and as I’m sure u could imagine once I finished there my body was really calling for a nap.

Right after leaving the gym, I hopped on the first south campus bus I had seen and fifteen minutes later I was at the front door of my apartment. Wasting no time I immediately dropped my book bag and rushed upstairs to take my mid-day nap. By the time I had woke up 2 hrs had passed, clearly I had slept a lot longer then I originally intended but luckily it was still pretty early and my next objective was to go satisfy my craving for food now that some of my energy had returned.

I believe that taking a mid day nap every once in a while is something every college student could use. Even if though every once in a while you may run the risk of oversleeping, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I decided to take a nap and woke up saying “wow I definitely shouldn’t have done that.” Taking mid day naps may have its negatives but the positives clearly overshadow those negatives. This I believe.