You Should be Responsible

Yesai - USA
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“You Should Be Responsible”

I believe that a person should be responsible for his own acts.

I regret that one time I broke my brother’s window with a soccer ball. When I was eight years old, one day I was playing with a soccer ball to see how many times I could have juggling the ball, after a while I got mad because I wasn’t getting good at it. So I kicked the ball as hard as I could to the wall, and it bounced to my brother’s window and it cracked. I got scared, so I went to my room and wait there, until my mother say that the window was broken, she started to scream at my brother. I didn’t say anything even though I knew it was my fault.

I believe that we should be responsible for our own acts, One day in my house I was playing with fire, and my brother was there just watching the stupid thing that I was doing. But something went wrong! I got the whole house to stink and my father got mad, he started to scream at my brother when my brother didn’t have anything to do with it. In that moment I thought “that sucks, I would never like anyone to scream at me without having the fault of what happens” so I told my father that I was who was playing with fire and not my brother.

From that moment on I don’t like when somebody gets blame for the stupid things that I do. I try to be better when I make my decision and do the right thing.

I believe this way because I wouldn’t like if I get blame for something that I didn’t do like what happen to my brother for my fault. Also if a person is always responsible for their act, people will always know that they can trust them and that they never lie.

I think that being responsible for your own acts is a good sign that you’re becoming more mature, that way people can trust you more and it shows that you have become to be a better person.