It’s Where I am Going…

Angelita - Denver, Colorado
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you’re going. Nothing in life is easy. The people who are truly successful are the ones who endure hardships and make it out of them. These are the people that have not given up. These are the people who stayed positive through their trails foreseeing a way out.

Many people who grow up in low income households or single parent families feel that they basically got the short end of the stick. It seems to them as if they can’t become successful. They feel that they won’t move out of the projects or graduate high school because their parents couldn’t do it. I believe that just because we grow up around gangs and drugs doesn’t mean we are doomed to be around it our whole life. I feel there are more distractions and temptations pulling us away from our goals, but that just means we have to work harder. We are stronger because it takes more for us to reach our goals. Whatever we have we have worked for it. Getting a diploma means more to us than it would to a student from an all-star school such as Cherry Creek or Ponderosa.

I grew up all around Denver from the west side projects to the south side of Federal Boulevard. I moved sometimes more than five times a year. I never let the location of my home stand in the way of my education. I have attended the same high school, which is located in Thornton, all 4 years. I had to wake up earlier than the kids in my neighborhood to go to school. I wake up Monday through Friday and take an hour bus ride on public transportation to New Tech High School. I take the same bus ride back home to go to work from 5pm- 10:30pm. No matter how hard it gets or what I have to deal with at home I am determined to receive my diploma. I will not stop there – I will make it to and out of college to fulfill my dreams. I will become a neonatal nurse and work at Children’s Hospital.

This is why I say it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you’re going. We all have the same opportunities, for example the curriculum to graduate from high school is all the same. Yes, we have different obstacles to face and society looks at minorities and low income families as statistics, but can we attend school just like Cherry Creek students? Yes, because we have the same opportunities, we just have to work harder.

Did Barack Obama fall in the line of statistics growing up with a single parent in Chicago? No, he overcame the obstacles and is hoping to make it all the way to the White House. He learned that it didn’t matter where he was from, because he knew where he was headed.

Anyone can be successful, just stay looking forward and you will find a way out.