Art Helps Us Discover Ourselves

Devin - Belle Mead, New Jersey
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that expression through art is one of the crucial ways in which we define who we are as a person. In many ways art is part of what makes us human. I do acknowledge the fact that many people don’t practice conventional methods of art such as painting and sculpting. I feel that this is a rather old-fashioned view. I believe that art is anything that is done in which there is a deeper meaning that what lies on the surface. In this respect everyone is an artist. When they pour their heart and soul into something they do it becomes a work of art.

As for myself, I find expression through film. As a Television, Radio and Film major I take classes that involve the theory and practice behind film making. I love the various aspects that go into it. Writing the script, choosing the actors, picking the best shots, all of it is something I have a great passion for. Through this drive and enthusiasm I am able to give the whole experience a deeper meaning that merely what the film is about, or the technical aspect of how it’s made. When others watch the films I hope that they too will take from it something more than just its face value. Each one of my films is something I take great personal pride in. I draw upon personal experiences to help connect with my audience.

I find that as I continue to practice my skills I get, not only enjoyment out of it, but I also feel as if I better understand myself. As I express my artistic side I discover a piece of my own humanity. I believe everyone is capable of this. I believe that everyone does express themselves artistically in one form or another. Almost everyone has something that they do which they find has a deeper mean to it. This is their art and this is how they discover part of who they are.