Under Construction

Loreal - New York
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe we are always under construction.

Since I can remember, things were always changing. Nothing ever seemed to stay the same, people changed, routines changed, life just is always “under construction.” Like New York City, it is always being reinvented not many things seem to stay the same for long. You can always find a construction site or a building that is being renovated, its always changing.

I believe that with every new experience people change, we are always being reshaped, always-finding new ways to define ourselves. We are always under construction, creating new definitions of whom we are and what we want others to see us as each day. I find that every time my sister tries to define herself it is never the same. Each day she either adds or takes away a word that she once used to describe herself. Each day she is something different. Either she has found something new about herself or she has realized she now hates something. Either way it is never the same, each time it seems to start out with, well today. The key word being today because I can guarantee most of what she had said the last time she tried to describe herself would not be repeated.

One day we were walking by a construction site and she said, “You know I really like the color pink now;” and all I could think about was how she hated the color pink last week. I told her she reminded me of our neighborhood, it is always under construction, always something new being built; it never seemed to stay the same for long just like her.

Then I realized I am not the same I was a week ago let alone a year ago. I have changed the clothing I like to wear, the food I like to eat and even the way I speak has changed. I am clearly a work in progress like my sister, like my neighborhood. I am always changing, always redefining myself; taking the situations in life to help build me up and break me down. Looking around, even the friends I once had are not the same that I have today. Every part of our lives will go through a reconstruction and they will not be the same as we once were.

I believe we are like construction sites, with multiple layers that are always being added and reconstructed. Each new experience is a new layer that defines our lives, a new understanding of ourselves. I believe we are always under construction.