Music is a drug

Geoff - syracuse, New York
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Music, I live it I breathe it I love and I hate it, but still I cannot deny the way it can motivate and compel people to climb a mountain or to run that extra mile. Music is how the heart communicates with the world, it seems almost everyday I turn on my Ipod and look to music to change my attitude or to give me a surge of motivation. For this I believe music is a drug. Music can make you cry, laugh, dance, and sing; it can make you happy, angry, peaceful, sleepy, and sad. It is common knowledge that music changes the atmosphere from a simple gathering to an explosive raging dance party.

From the hip-hop city music to the relaxed reggae music of the island life, it is undeniable that we change what we listen to based on how we want to feel or based on the task at hand. Not many people who go on vacation and like to sleep on the beach want to hear death metal or techno, but would not mind listening to a little Jack Johnson or Sublime. Also, when it comes to Athletes, it would not be a surprise if while getting pumped up and ready for a big game a little “Eye of The Tiger” was playing in the background to inspire them. This to me makes it seem as though a song could act in the same way a drug does and whatever song you choose to listen to puts you in the state of mind of which you want to be in and in essence can distract you from all other things in life.

Drugs, like music, have many different effects and can come in all different forms. If I start to blast hip-hop from my iTunes it usually means I want to get pumped for a huge party. If I start playing some Coldplay it means that I want to take a nap. If I play Zeppelin, the Eagles, Incubus or 3 Doors Down it is a sign that its time to get some work done and I need something good playing in the background to keep me motivated. Music acts like a steroid in the gym or on the track really pushing you to go as far as you can as hard as you can and with the right mind frame can give you a huge rush of adrenaline from a simple guitar riff. Really good music can enhance the senses to the point of which you can just close your eyes and really feel taken over by the smooth sounds of Jazz and the cool rhythm of Blues. Whether it is classical music or just some guy banging on his drums outside next to a tree, you can feel yourself being taken by the beat and the beauty of what is being played.

Though saying music is a drug might seem ridiculous, I bet more than just a few people would say they were addicted to it. I for one am.