The Power of Change

Alayna - Healdsburg, California
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Every morning consists of the sun rising, spilling dull light over the grey earth as each of us pull our blinds open to greet the new day. Every morning we dress and eat, leave for school or work, whichever fixed path is set out for us. Sometimes, the day seems to blend together, to become this unfulfilling gap of time in which we waste out moments on a constant, unchanging pattern. I believe in the power of change upon our lives and its influence on our attitudes towards the present and the near future.

I remember one day as a child, getting up and spotting my older sister walking towards the front door which was by far not the direction she was usually headed to at that early hour. “Where are you going?” I had asked cautiously, content with the patterns of my morning and curious of exactly what she was doing. She had turned to me in surprise, pausing with her hand resting on the doorknob before she said in a clear and certain voice, “I need to do something different today.” That was all she had spoken before rushing out the door to her car, leaving to some location that I hadn’t bothered to ask about. The real point of her words, though, wasn’t the location, but the resolve. The point was that she had a purpose, and no matter how trivial the simple comment would seem to anyone else, it changed my outlook on life from that young age to the present.

There was one day during my freshman year, known simply as “Bomb Day” to the many who reminisce to each other of its contents. It started off as, what many thought to be, a simple drill, but became an amazing experience when the faculty released us from our classes to search for a bomb that had only been a figment of a mischievous student’s imagination – the unknown figure that had become our hero for the day. It was unexpected and broke some unspoken pattern, leaving each student nearly giddy with glee as we marched off to whatever location pleased us with whomever we wished to be with at the time. One simple action created an experience that very few will forget by putting us in complete control of the day instead of letting it lead us on its own winding pattern.

We should vary each day in some way, obstructing the consistency of events and making the moments memorable and more vivid in our minds. When I look back on my life I know that I wont remember my months and weeks as blocks of time, but rather varying experiences. They could be jovial, agonizing, surprising, uncertain, amusing, or even irritating, as long as they have some sort of emotion other than blank boredom and a headache. I want to see life as full of opportunities and excitements, moments that will create a sense of fulfillment when I look back. I want to create my own future.