Music is the Key to the Soul

Katy - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Music is the key to the soul.

I believe that music is the key to the soul. It has so many emotions. Yet at the same time there is always that song that can make me feel better. Weather I am happy or sad or even just tired. There is that one song that can change your whole day around.

I walk in my room when I get home from school and I just turn on the computer or radio. It’s like from there on my mood changes. It’s just that feeling that they feel the same way you do. That you’re not alone in the world. That you’re not the only one feeling pain at that moment or happy at that moment.

I could lock myself in my room and never come out. Have my music blasting country, rock, alternative, hip hop, rap, techno, tejano, and even jazz. It all has a meaning and it all tells a story you just have to listen to the words and the beat. It’s like they know my life story. When I am angry rock is like the cure to my sickness and when I am happy it’s like jazz makes it that much better. On those sad and lonely nights country just makes everything better. That one simple song can brighten my day or just express my feelings to someone that walks by. It can make you feel safe and like you have comfort.

The songs that inspire me the most is bleed like me by trap. It has one of the greatest stories behind it. I relate to it a lot. It’s about him being in pain with relationships and he wants to know if it’s really that important that he finds someone to be with. That he is searching for the one that bleeds like him. This to me means that he wants the one that has gone though what he has and feels the pain that he feels. Another one that means a lot to me is thunder by boys like girls. It to me is talking about how he was in love. That the girl is what he looked forward to all summer. And that she is his thunder so he is ready for it to rain. Which I think means that she is who he wants to spend the rest of his life with so bring on the future with her.

So just remember that the one song that tells your life story is the one that was meant for you and that music is the key to the soul.