It’s Okay to Be Nice

Maura - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe it’s okay to be nice. In a world with so much anger and animosity, I believe little acts of kindness really do make all the difference.

I believe that it’s okay to smile at a stranger, and saying hello will not kill you. I think if someone drops something on the street, you don’t have to say to

yourself, “Oh that sucks that person dropped something.” You can actually tell them or better yet, you can pick it up.

I think it’s okay to take your headphones out when walking across the quad and actually make eye contact with that girl in your chem class and give a wave.

I believe that if someone is walking behind you out the door, hold it. And if some kind soul holds it for you, say thank you. I believe in the simplest manners of

“please” and “thank you.”

I believe that if you do say to someone, “Hey, how are you?” You should stop and wait for their answer.

I think you can brighten a person’s day just by giving a compliment. A simple “I like your haircut” is a huge deal.

It’s okay to tell a stranger that since they left the bathroom, they have been leading a toilet paper parade with their left foot, and they will be forever grateful.

As children, we waved and smiled at anyone and everyone and I don’t think that should be lost with age.

I remember being on a ferry, visiting my sister at college. I had just made the boat and forgot my book and my phone lost service. I was so bored and annoyed. I was sitting across from a mother and two children who had coloring books, snacks, toys and puzzles. I was looking out the window starring at the endless water when one of the kids came over with a People magazine. I looked at the mother and she waved her arm and said she will never get a chance to read it. It was as if she handed me 20 bucks. All she did was give me a something she didn’t need at that time but felt I did. I mouthed “thank you” to her and smiled. We had exchanged kind gestures. It is a great feeling when two strangers are genuinely nice to each other. It can leave both parties with a sense that all is not lost.

I don’t think you can ever be too busy to be friendly. And if you think for one minute that people don’t remember or care about your unfriendly character, you’re

wrong. I always keep mental notes on how someone receives me after being introduced. I believe others do as well. And, if you are less than kind when you pass someone on the street, remember they may recognize you or you may meet again in life.

I think we all need to remember that life is a struggle. We are all fighting a battle and we should not be each other’s enemies.