The 7 questions

Kacy - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I use to be a server and I loved my job. I had the wonderful chance to meet so many new people. Many of them love to talk to you, no matter if they are by themselves or if there are others in their party. There are going to be some customers that you will never forget, and I had the chance to meet one man in particular who made me believe with every answer someone gives you from their heart it will open up a piece of themselves and teach you just that much more about them.

My customer just asked me a question, with no explanation of why he was asking me. He asked, “If you could wish for something what would it be, but here’s the catch, everyone in the world gets it besides you?” He told me to go take a second and finish whatever I needed and come back to him with an answer. In my thoughts I was like what is wrong with this man, why is he asking me this kind of question. This is silly but for laughs let’s just answer there couldn’t be any harm. So I came back and said “To be cancer free.” Many of my family have either died or been diagnosed with some sort of cancer and I think it’s a horrible thing but if I had it at least I know my loved ones and other population wouldn’t and the illness would stop. Now he asked me if “You have another wish. What do you want but nobody else can have?” So I took some time and I want the same thing, so I said to have found a cure for cancer. Everyone else was cancer free so I wanted the cure for cancer and nobody else needed that. He nodded his head and said nothing else.

What was his whole thing with this; he didn’t give me an explanation or anything so I asked him why. He said that there are seven questions in the world that unlock someone’s personality. He asked me those two. He explained to me that I care for others by picking my choice and that I wanted equality by picking under the same topic. So I wanted to know what the others were. He said I would have to wait till next time I see him. I haven’t seen him since and I quit that job. But hopefully one day I will.

I believe that this theory had a point. There are certain questions that can unlock a personality. I would be able to know someone very well by those seven questions more than by spending years with them. I asked the same questions to a couple others and by their answers I could tell if they were greedy and selfish or giving and caring.