You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

Amy - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Anyone who takes a look into my closet will see I own a lot of shoes. I have rain boots, heels in almost every color, flats, gym sneakers, Uggs, flip flops, slippers, clogs, the list goes on and on.

Now I admit one reason I have so many shoes is to be fashionable. When I wear a certain dress, I like to wear a certain type of shoe to match the dress. If it’s winter, I’ll wear boots or sneakers. If it’s summer I’ll typically wear flats or flip flops.

But it’s also good to have a variety of shoes for more practical reasons. If it’s snowing out, it’s much easier to walk in warm boots. When it’s raining, I put on my rain boots to keep my feet dry. When walking a long distance I tend to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. At the gym I put on Nikes and when I’m going to work I wear heels to make a good impression. Each occasion calls for a different type of shoes.

Some professions are dependent on shoes. For example, a ballerina’s career depends on her shoes. She must have ballet flats or point shoes to perform. Tap dancers also need shoes to make sound during dances. Athletes need the right type of footwear to play their sport. Soccer players wear cleats and basketball players wear sneakers.

To take this a step further, shoes have an even bigger impact on our lives. Shoes act as a milestone for little kids. Learning how to tie shoes is a big deal for children. There are a few methods used to teach kids this important skill. One’s the bunny ears in which kids tie the laces to form little bunny ears. Another is to use the squirrel and the tree method that involves a little story and movements to make the loops. It signifies kids are growing up and learning how to do simple tasks on their own.

Also, there’s the common saying: walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before making judgments. This is an important lesson that helps people put themselves in someone else’s position before jumping to conclusions.

In fairytales a single pair of shoes can change someone’s life. In Cinderella, the glass slipper helped prince charming find his true love and saved Cinderella from a life of misery.

Now in reality, this would probably not happen. But having the right pair of shoes can make each step you take a little easier, make you feel a little better, and make your feet better prepared for any bumps you encounter in life.