This I Believe, The Role of a Mother

Vanessa - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that as a mother I work all occupations in life.

I believe I am a nurse that heals the scrapes and scratches my little ones get from time to time. I am the nurse that comforts them when they feel sick and the one who soothes their pains.

I believe I am a housekeeper. I am the one who maintains a clean home from dusting the bedrooms to doing the dishes. I am the housekeeper who mops up the spills and picks up the toys. As a mother to two boys, I wash the grass stained jeans and bleach the muddy socks.

I believe I am a teacher. I am a mom who attends school functions, from chaperoning on field trips to helping my son with his homework. I provide encouragement to succeed and do well in school. I am the organizer of the books and supplier of the school supplies.

I believe I am chief and a nutritionist. I experiment with new recipes and make cooking fun, from baking cupcakes to making mashed potatoes I try to include and teach my sons about healthy eating.

I believe I am a chauffeur. I am the mother who picks up and drops off friends for weekend visits. I am the chauffer who travels around from sporting games to birthday parties. I am the chauffer who never complains about gas, traffic, or becoming a human ping pong just to see my sons smile.

I believe I am a counselor always mediating the arguments, never taking sides and helping work through the situation. I am the positive energy always providing encouragement to succeed in what they want to do. I am a counselor who is always ready to listen when they need an ear.

I believe I am a CEO. I am the head of household who manages the finances to the mother who provides an allowance for chores taken care of.