Cats and the Happiness They Bring

Sabrina - Wayne, New Jersey
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in my cat, and the happiness he brings me. There is nothing better than the squint-eyed gaze of pleasure and the deep purr you’ll get from a cat who loves you. Soft cuddling is available at all times and they always look absolutely adorable. They provide companionship when you feel lonely and unconditional love no matter what happens. They teach you important life lessons and will always warm your heart just by looking at them.

I never had any animals during the core of my childhood because I had a working mother. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to take care of a pet so I settled for goldfish that had a two week life span, if I was lucky. One amazing day in December when I was 16 years old, my brother brought home a beautiful girl from college. Her name was Noir and she was a black, adorable, green eyed kitten. I never thought I liked cats, but I instantly fell in love with her. Since I never had a pet before, initially I was timid and almost scared of her. For the first week she would sit in front of my door during the day and just lay there and look cute. She would follow anyone around the house and would love to play with us. One night, I heard a cry at my door and I opened it and sure enough it was Noir, just wanting to cuddle with me in bed.

Eventually when Noir went back to college with my brother, my sister and I begged my mom to get a cat. She caved in, and that’s when my life would change forever; the day Quincy came into my life. We got him at the animal shelter near my house at three weeks old. He was the most precious tiger striped, green eyed kitten in the world. From the minute we brought Quincy home, he warmed my heart. My sister went off to college and my mom worked a lot, so having him home with me made the house feel less lonely. He was so playful and loved to run around, but he would always know when the right time was to come up and lay with me in bed.

I learned that cats know that the most important thing in life is sleep, and they make sure to do it several times throughout the day. I believe that my cat has taught me a lot about life. I learned to enjoy the simple things in life and that curling up and taking a great nap is sometimes exactly what you need. Most importantly, I have grown to understand the true meaning of unconditional love and that no matter what happens, you always have your furry, soft, adorable cat to love you. My cat recently had a bladder infection and I had to give him medicine that he absolutely detested. He would cry and fight when I put it in his mouth, and would be so mad at me for doing it. However, sure enough an hour later he was in my bed, rolling around on his back, wanting me to rub his belly; gazing up at me and just wanting to play.

This I believe; I believe in my cat and the joy that he brings me. I believe that without him I would be missing out on some of important life lessons. And most importantly, I believe that even though my cat isn’t with me, he is curling up at home right now on my couch, looking absolutely adorable, and resting peacefully.