paranormal findings

Aaron - Sanford, Florida
Entered on September 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: afterlife

i believe that the paranormal exist in a way that the apperations of dead people live among the world of the living.

have you ever watched a scary movie or horror film that was based on a true story or had a bunch of paranormal apperations occur? despite whether you believe in those certain types of movies or not, i have had many experences in which apperations have appered to me in which made me trully believe.

my dad used to tell me that ghosts really had no purpose of scaring people and we shouldnt be afriad of them. that usually stuck by me when i was little until i had my first encounter with apperations. i was walking down the stairs to get a glass of water. i was 10 at the time and when i went down i saw to apperations about to make out in my kithcen. i started at them with shock and awe and yelled, “HEY!” they turned and scattered off into the darkness. trully i was so scared that everytime i had a nightmare to get a glass of water, i would put my head down and run as i didnt want to see that again. even today, i still do that routine when i dont want to wake my mother to turn on the lights. this made me believe that ghosts are real.

Alright now you think i am probablly paranoid of them. well my other experiences tell different stories. When i was 17 years old i was chatting to someone online using the phone system that some of the these chatting applications have. at one point in time, my audio went to white noise and suddly started playing a piano song one note at a time every 2 seconds with white noise inbetween. this creeped me out cause the bar on the voice recongizer in my friends video was going up and down. to this day, i still do not video chat.

lastly, the creepiest story i have to tell was 4 weeks ago in a hotel in california. to make a long story story short, i heard footsteps moving with no one making them, lights on an air duct and no light was passing threw the bottom curtains at such and angle, and lastly those lights covered with nothing covering them.

so is the paranormal walking among us? i believe that it is. some of you think im still paranoid of my fear of ghosts. but just take a good look around especially if no one is around. you dont know what you may find lingering behind you.